The renovation of a house or an apartment is an important project because it achieves, firstly, the maintenance of a space or building, restoring pre-existing structural problems and, secondly, the aesthetic improvement of a space or building, in order to change its form and meet new requirements. Both reasons are important because they contribute to the upgrading and modernisation of the infrastructure, providing added value to the space and the property in general.


Our company undertakes:

– The complete or partial renovation of apartments and houses,


– Individual renovation works, such as the renovation of a bathroom or kitchen,


A complete renovation proposal encompasses the following stages:

– Inspecting the house or apartment to be renovated; communicating with the customer in order to record his/her wishes and needs,


– Arranging all permits that may be needed,


– Preparing all required studies, mainly the architectural design, the detailed design and the fire safety study,


– Creation of 3D photorealistic drawings,


– Supervision of the renovation at all stages,


– Delivery of the project within the agreed schedule.


The most common renovation works we undertake are the following:

– Dismantling of any old furniture, e.g. old kitchen, tiles, floor, old electrical and plumbing installations,


– Removal, in special bins, of all demolition products and transport of these products to specially approved recycling and collection areas,


– New electrical and plumbing installations,


– Installation of new flooring,


– Installation of a new kitchen and bathroom,


– Creation of partitions using plasterboards,


– Painting and plastering works,


– Replacement of door and window frames with new energy-efficient frames,


– Replacement of interior doors and the entrance door.


In every renovation we undertake:

We use branded materials to ensure a result of flawless quality,


We employ experienced technical staff and specialised partners,


We adhere to the budget and work schedule we have agreed with the customer,


You can contact us for more details.