What does this mean?

The Energy Certificate or Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is the document that rates the energy performance of the building or property. The performance is judged in accordance with the Regulation on the Energy Performance of Buildings (Greek KENAK) and the technical directives issued by the Technical Chamber of Greece. It is valid for 10 years.


The EPC is required in the following cases:

– Transfer, sale, or lease of a building in whole or in part,


– Inclusion of a house in the “Energy savings at home” programme,


– Completion of the construction of each new building,


– Radical renovation of a building



The procedure for issuing the certificate is as follows:

– The Energy Inspector inspects the property and takes photos,


– The Energy Inspector gathers all necessary supporting documents. If the owner cannot provide them, then the inspector will prepare new ones.


– The inspector processes all data using special software.


– The certificate is issued electronically, stamped by the energy inspector and a true copy is delivered to the owner.


Required supporting documents

The main supporting documents required are the following:

– Deed of property


– Building permit


– Topographic plan


– Electricity bill


– Architectural Design


Supplementary information

There are 9 energy categories in total: Α+, Α, Β+, Β, C, D, E, F, G.


The certificate shall precede the date of sale and purchase of the property.


Our company undertakes to issue Energy Performance Certificates.


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