Why the company must contact an engineer.

Each company must hold an operating licence before commencing its business activity.


Before starting the operation of a company, the entrepreneur should consult an engineer who knows the relevant legislation and can provide guidance on the choice of the site, the possible costs and the time required for issuing the licence, in order to avoid future problems. A prerequisite in this phase is the best possible description of the services and products to be offered by the company, so that the engineer can understand the needs of the company and guide the customer correctly.



The procedure is as follows:

– We conduct an inspection of the store / company and map the existing situation,


– We check the urban planning dossier for the necessary files and supporting documents, e.g. the urban planning permit.


– We check the legality of the premises,


– We study the possible types of operating licence and proceed to the estimation of the cost and probable time of issue, as well as the documents that will be required.


– We initiate the process of issuing the establishment and operation licence, collecting all required documents and drafting or issuing the necessary ones, such as the certificate of main use, we prepare the required studies etc.


– We settle any unauthorised issues in accordance with the applicable legislation.


– We handle all dossiers, studies and floor plans for the Fire Department and the Health Service.


– We submit to the municipality the preliminary approval dossier.


– After we obtain the operating licence, we deliver to you the complete dossier.


– We handle the construction of the entire company.


Having experience in issuing operating licenses for businesses, we undertake the entire issuing process as well as the company’s construction or renovation. We are in constant cooperation and communication with the customer, especially during the first and most important phase, which is the selection of the premises, and we offer advice on the specifications of the premises, the applicable legislation and the required documents.


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