SAFETY of employees and projects.

We seek the safety of our employees and of the projects we undertake. At the design stage, we check all factors that make the project safe, both during its construction as well as after its completion. During construction, our concern is to observe safety rules on the building site and to provide personal protective equipment to all workers.

QUALITY of construction and services.

There are three quality pillars:
a. quality in construction, using appropriate materials and the required technical equipment and offering a guarantee of construction after the completion of each project,
b. quality of design, study and supervision in each project we undertake, through the use of specialised personnel and continuous communication with the customer,
c. quality in all services we provide.


RELIABILITY in observing schedules and budgets.

For each project undertaken, we prepare a techno-economic offer in which all works to be performed are listed together with the relevant cost estimate, so that the customer knows the cost of the project in advance. We also create a schedule of tasks, by which we commit to the completion of the agreed works within a specific time frame

FUNCTIONALITY AND AESTHETICS of each project we undertake.

We want each project we undertake to be functional for the customer and, at the same time, aesthetically pleasing and fully harmonised with its environment.

INTEGRATED SERVICES for the customer.

We undertake a wide range of works so that we can offer a comprehensive service to the customer, while also retaining complete control during all stages of the project. We seek to expand our services even further.

RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, with solutions that do not harm it.

Through the design and studies we prepare, we seek to create projects that are fully integrated into the environment. We seek the energy upgrade of properties, either through the “Energy savings at home” programme or through individual construction and renovation works.