The main steps we follow to complete a project are the following:
Contact with the customer, listing of needs and wishes

At the first phase of each project, we hold the first meetings with the customers and record their needs, their wishes for their space, as well as any concerns they may have about the property and the works to be done.

Inspection and checking of the site or plot where the works will be done

The property is then inspected in the presence of the customer and the engineers on site, in order to make its proper mapping and the necessary checks before the design, study and planning.

Design and preparation of the necessary studies

A team of engineers in cooperation with external partners proceeds with the design of the project; once this stage is completed and the customer comes up with the desired design, the necessary studies for the construction and completion of the project are prepared. A similar procedure is followed in the case of renovation. At this stage, the customer can also see three-dimensional representations of the future project, i.e. the structure to be erected or the renovation to be carried out. Our team prepares the detailed design so that we can proceed to the next phase, which involves the budget and planning of the entire project.

Completion of budget and schedule

When the customer reaches a decision on the design and works to be done, our team proceeds with the preparation of the budget (techno-economic study) and the time frame within which the works are to be completed.

Written agreement for the award of the project

When the customer agrees to the financial offer and the proposed schedule, the agreement is finalised in writing and in this way our company commits to completing the project within the agreed time frame.

Implementation of the project

During the works there is constant supervision of the project by engineers and monitoring of the schedule and budget, while adaptations may be done where required, always with the agreement of the customer.

Delivery of the project and guarantee

After the delivery of the project, the customer has a guarantee for the work performed. Specifically, we provide the following guarantees for each task: 10 years’ guarantee for plumbing and electrical installations, 5 years’ guarantee for interior and exterior frames and for a shielded entrance door, 2 years’ guarantee for painting jobs.