What does this mean?

According to Law 4495/17, every transfer of a real estate property must be accompanied by an engineer’s solemn declaration. In this declaration, the engineer confirms that the property does not violate any urban planning provisions and has been constructed according to the relevant building permit. The engineer’s certificate is also required for transferring plots of land.


The certificate is valid for two (2) months and is submitted to the electronic system of the Technical Chamber of Greece before the drafting of contracts. Each certificate has a unique number related to the specific property and is attached to the contract.


Required supporting documents

The supporting documents of the property that are required for the issuance of the certificate are the following:

– Building permit


– Deed of property


– Approved architectural drawings


– Legalisation documents related to the arrangement / settlement of unauthorised structures



The procedure for issuing an engineer’s certificate is as follows:

– Inspection of the property


– Urban planning and legality check of the property


– Issuance of the certificate


Our company undertakes to issue engineer’s certificates.


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