In recent years, an increasing number of customers have expressed interest in prefabricated energy-efficient houses. This is because, thanks to the constantly evolving technology, these houses have significant advantages, which are the following:

– Short construction and delivery times,


– Lower construction costs compared to a similar passive house,


– All the advantages of an energy-efficient structure,


– Similar architectural capabilities to those of conventional structures,


– Protection against earthquakes,


– Option of future extensions and interventions.


Our company is active in the field of prefabricated energy-efficient houses and undertakes the entire process, from the design and the necessary licensing to the construction and delivery of the house. Our houses have the following characteristics:

– Each house we design is unique and designed based on each customer’s wishes and needs,


– We use branded materials that ensure the quality of each structure,


– We use certified ecological building materials,


– We have our own technical staff who are constantly trained in the use of materials and the corresponding technology,


– There is a specific budget and schedule for each structure.


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