The structural design includes all necessary technical instructions for the safe construction of a project. It also checks all points of a structural system in accordance with all applicable regulations and legislation.

A structural design is prepared in two cases:


– Before the construction of a project, in which case it includes construction details, calculations, drawings and tables related to the construction, as well as a cost estimate.

– Inspection and repair of the reinforcement of a building that has been damaged e.g. by earthquake or any other reason.


Our company undertakes the preparation of structural designs in accordance with the current regulations and Eurocodes, for:

– Metal and wooden structures

– Reinforced concrete structures

– Composite structures


In the context of preparing a structural design, we undertake the following:

– Continuous supervision and support for the implementation of the design

– Support during construction
Continuous updating regarding any changes in the applicable legislation, both Greek and European

– Execution of the required formalities with the Urban Planning authority


Each structural design includes:

– Calculation documents

– Detailed construction drawings,

– Seismic check

– Listing of the required materials


Before preparing the structural design, we provide to the customer the financial offer that states the relevant cost and what it includes.


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