What does this mean?

The settlement of unauthorised structures is a procedure which, after payment of the single special fine or related state fee, enables the legalisation of structures constructed and/or used without a permit, provided that their construction has demonstrably occurred before 28 July 2011. A structure or use is considered to be unauthorised when there is no building permit or, if there is one, it has not been applied as specified in the approved urban planning drawings.


The settlement of an unauthorised structure is required for any living transaction, i.e. sale, donation or parental grant, as well as for the issuance of an engineer’s certificate regarding the legality of the property.


The settlement of unauthorised structures is currently governed by Law 4495/2017 and the relevant statements are made electronically through the IT system of the Technical Chamber of Greece.


Required supporting documents

The main supporting documents required for this procedure are the following:


– Building permit,


– Solemn declaration of Law 1599/86


– Architectural floor plan, section plans and coverage diagram


– Topographic plan,


– Engineer’s technical report


Depending on each specific building, additional documents and supporting documents are required, as determined by the engineer when the property is mapped.

Calculation of the fine

The fine is calculated taking into account various parameters, such as the surface area of the building, the zone price, as well as some additional elements, e.g. the type of use of the building, whether it is inside the urban planning zone or not etc.



The procedure is as follows:

– Detailed mapping of the property


– Identification of the optimum solution, in accordance with the applicable legislation, in order to reduce the fines, followed by calculation of the fines.


– Drafting of a technical report / Informing the owner of the unauthorised structures, the amount of the fine and the related state fee, as well as the payment options available to the owner of the property.


– Preparation of a study and drawing to be posted / submitted to the electronic system of the Technical Chamber of Greece; preparation of a Structural Vulnerability Bulletin for the unauthorised property.


– Completion of the process and delivery of the dossier with all necessary sheets to the owner


Supplementary information

Some important information about the legalisation of a structure is listed below:


– There are five (5) categories of unauthorised constructions and/or uses,


– The Law is divided into two phases: in the first two phases there is a discount, while in the next two cases there is an increase of the special single fine,


– A 20% discount is provided for a one-off payment of the fine and a 10% discount for a one-off payment of 30% of the fine,


– There are special discounts for persons with disabilities, long-term unemployed persons, as well as large families,


– The state fee is scalable and depends on the surface area (square metres),


– The fine can be paid in up to 100 monthly instalments, with a minimum amount of €50 per instalment,


– The settlement of unauthorised properties is valid for 30 years,


– There are some cases where structures cannot be legalised.


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You can contact us for more information on the settlement of an unauthorised structure, the cost of legalisation and the supporting documents required.