Building permit:

The building permit is the administrative act that allows the execution of construction works, as such works are specified in the accompanying studies. According to Law 4495/17, a building permit is required for the execution of any building work that does not fall under small-scale building works. The building permit, which is issued by the competent Building Service, is required for new structures as well as additional structures, reinforcements of existing buildings, repair works, as well as change of use of a building or part thereof. The issuance of a building permit entails specific procedures and requires specific documents and studies, in accordance with the applicable legislation.


Having issued a large number of building permits, our company undertakes to carry out the procedures required for the issuance of an approval and a building permit, as well as the final validation of the building permit for connecting with utility companies. The first stage is the issuance of the building approval, which certifies that the desired construction can take place; we subsequently carry out the procedures for issuing the building permit.


We undertake the issuance of building permits for:

– Construction of a house or building,


– Change of use,


– Vertical expansion


– Horizontal expansion


– Legalisation


– Roof replacement


The cost of the building permit depends on the type of building, its size, the integrity of the supporting documents, as well as the works to be executed. The cost also includes the fees for the required studies and the contributions to third parties, e.g. the Hellenic Social Insurance Institute (IKA).


Small-scale works permit: The small-scale permit is issued in cases where the extent of works is limited. There are specific works for which a small-scale permit is issued, and a specific approval procedure is followed.


You can contact us for more information regarding the licence required for each work, as well as the cost of the aforementioned permits.