The detailed design is important, as it includes data and information necessary for the proper construction of a project. This specific type of study determines which building materials will be used, as well as their characteristics and application method.


Therefore it is the detailed technical description of a project that aims to cover all aspects of construction, so its preparation requires knowledge of the technical specifications and, of course, the construction process. A detailed design must include all design details (such as floor plans, elevations, sections, engineering diagrams), technical information (such as material specifications), as well as a detailed schedule of works that also depicts the required resources. This is why a detailed design must be prepared by engineers who know how to create and monitor such a study.


Our company undertakes the preparation of detailed designs.


After the architectural design stage has been completed and mainly after the process of obtaining the building permit has been completed, our company undertakes the preparation of the detailed design.


Our company prepares a detailed design in two cases:

– As part of the construction process of a project that we have undertaken entirely,

– As an individual case assigned to us by a partner or customer.

A complete detailed design by our company includes:

– Detailed construction drawings stating all construction details

– A dossier with the materials’ technical specifications,

– A project completion schedule


Before preparing the detailed design, we provide to the customer the financial offer that states the relevant cost and what it includes.


You can contact us for more details and an offer.