construction architecture


The construction of a house is a process that requires full costing, proper planning, trained personnel, skilled technicians, continuous supervision and appropriate materials. For every construction project we undertake, we take care of all of the above in order to ensure the best possible outcome for the customers and the company.


We have been constructing houses since 2000 and for every structure:


– We fully implement the required project studies,

– We follow a specific schedule that adapts to any changes that may arise during the execution of the works,

– We supervise the works at each stage through the daily presence of competent engineers and partners at the project site,

– We monitor the budget that has been agreed with the customer through a written offer and notify the customer in writing of the cost of any additional works requested,

– We use branded materials that guarantee the quality of construction,

– We use modern equipment that helps us complete the work faster with the best quality results,

– We prepare the appropriate studies regarding passive and active fire protection.


We undertake the following categories of constructions:

– Houses,

– Maisonettes / residential complexes,

– Holiday houses,

– Buildings,


Before construction begins, we take care of all required authorisations, such as the building permit or the demolition permit that is required when a building already exists on the construction site.


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